Database mirroring–survival kit #4

This is the final part of database mirroring, and here I want to give you some nice tips and also some links to get you a little bit further.

First of all. Showing you the videos are very easy, because I am used to do this. When you start working it can be a challenge for you, but I suggest that you setup a virtual machine and do a snapshot once in a while.

When setting database mirrorring up in a production environment, then be aware of the following:

  1. Security. I did just click next –> next –> next, but you must think about security, and eventhough it is irritating, then make sure that you think about the principle least privileged.
  2. Endpoints must be configured correctly. Do you need encryption? (yes of course Smiley), what ports are you going to use and what credentials are you using?
  3. Make sure that ports are open in the firewalls for the ports you are using.
  4. Do we need high safety or high performance.
  5. Do we need automatical failover or not?

If you want to learn more about database mirroring, then I can recommend the following link:

if you get into troubles, then I would suggest:


That was the final step in this survival kit for Database Mirroring.

<—Go to step 3

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