My name is Søren Agerbo frydensbjerg, and I am living in Denmark (More precise in at city Called Hedensted in Jutland).

I am partner in the company SOAK A/S (In danish that is the word Kaos spelled backwards. Kaos = Chaos in english).

I have been working with Microsoft SQL Server since 1997 (on and off), and my main interests are Performance, High availability, configuration and security.

I have been working with very small companies and very large companies (that has many databases, hundress of terabytes of data and a lot of requests to the SQL server every day).

I like to travel, and when I can get an assignment abroad, then I can’t say no 🙂

I am a experienced Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCSE and a lot of other things. I have tried to become a Microsoft Certified Master, and I passed the first exam, but failed the second. Before trying again, Microsoft did shut down the Master program, so unfortunately I did not get the chance to prove my skills on the highest level 🙁

In my sparetime I run, and I like to participate in at least 1 marathon every year. In 2015 it was in Dubai, Jerusalem and Amsterdam. In 2016 I was in North Korea, and in 2017 I will at least attend Hamborg Marathon in April.

If you ever are in Denmark near my hometown, and you want to talk about Microsoft SQL server, then feel free to visit our office. We always have cold beers and nice tasting redwine in the office.